Ball position

Lesson of Pro n.22

The question of the position of the ball in the stance is often subject to discussion.
I try to simplify the thing by suggesting playing the advanced ball in the stance, that is, facing the inside of the left heel, when playing the driver or the woods to the ground, to retract it slightly towards the middle of the stance with the long and medium spindles to play in the center of the stance with short irons.
Some players seem to be confused by the fact that the amplitude of the stance is not constant but varies depending on the stick you are playing.
In each of the examples below, the photos show the kind of impact you want to get with the different sticks to get the best result in flight and spin of the ball.


With the driver you have to address yourself with the inside of your feet as wide as your shoulders, after all you are going to perform a big swing with the longest stick in the bag and you need a solid base.
The ball should be played in front of the left heel so that it can be hit from the bottom upwards from the stick that begins to ascend.

Iron 5

With medium irons – 5.6 and 7 – I like to see the inside of the feet slightly narrower than the shoulders and the ball positioned 5 or 6 inches behind the left heel, practically in front of the left armpit.
In this way you can get to get the perfect shot with medium irons: the ball “pinched” against the ground from the iron leaving a lightweight divot.

Iron 9

The tightest position is reserved for the short irons with the ball played in the middle.
You can check this position by checking that the ball is in line with the buttons of your shirt: here the shot is more vertical and the ball-earth impact generates the backspin you want in this situation.

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Generally, golfers who make slice tend to play the ball too far in the stance and those who hook too far back.
If you recognize these defects in your game, try making the necessary corrections.