martin-28Martin Gourdy Allende 

Personal information :

Nationality: Ítalo-Argentinean.
Date of birth: January 25, 1962.
State: Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina.
Location: Avda Venezuela 1 BLQ 7F puerta 6048-38639 San Miguel de Abona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain


• 1980_Diploma Bachiller Instituto Nacional. secundario Ricardo Rojas, of the province of Córdoba (Argentina).
• 1989_dopo 18 years as an amateur in Córdoba Golf Club, go to Professional player, getting the “Charter” of the South American tour as a reserve player.
• 1990-1997-Passage Professional as an assistant instructor “D”, “C”, “B”, “A” and concluded the examination of the Federal Master at the National School of Italian course in Rome.

Professional experience :
• 1990- Assistant Teacher in the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia (Ravenna).
• 1991-1993_ Master holder in the Conero Golf Club Sirolo (Ancona).
• 1994-1997_ Master holder in the Golf Club La Torre Riolo Terme (Ravenna).
• 1997-2001_ Master holder in Casalunga Golf Club, Castenaso (Bologna).
• 2001-2003_ Master holder in Croara Country Club (Piacenza).
• 2004-2007_ Master and member of Golf Promotion Academy and Golf Club Conero.
• 2001-2007_ Master holder is Staff dell’Emilia Romagna Golf youth
• 2008-2010_ Master holder in Griffon Golf Club Imola lecturing to the disabled rehabilitation center Montecatone Imola.
• 2010-2012_ Master holder in Riviera Golf Academy, San Giovanni in Marignano (Catholic)
• 2013-2014_ Master Golf Club in Galzignano Terme near Padua.
• 2015-2017_ Master in Amarilla Golf Club Tenerife .
• 2017-today_Master in Golf del Sur Tenerife.

• Member of the PGAI since 1989
• Member of the PGA Triveneta in 2000.
• Member of the PGAI Senior Advisor in 2013-2014
• Member of the Real Federación Española de Golf from 2015 to today

• In all clubs listed in the Italian and the Italian Federation of PGA Golf Professionals sector

Lingue straniere :
• Lingua madre Español , Italiano e discreto Inglese

Servizio militare:
• 1982-1883 Gruppo de Artillería 9 Sarmiento Prov. Chubut. (Patagonia Argentina)

Courses and conferences:
• 1990 _1st European Golf Teaching and Coaching Conference (Milan, Italy)
• 1995_ 4st European Golf Teaching and Coaching Conference (Malaga Spain).
• 11 September 2007_ course with Michael Hebron to the Golf Club “Le Fonti” de Castel San Pietro Terme Prov. Bologna
• 21 September 2008_ course with Michael Hebron to the Golf Club “Le Fonti” de Castel San PietroTerme Prov. Bologna.
• 2011_ refresher course at the National School of Golf in Rome.
• 2012_ seminar Golf PGAI Asolo Golf Club.


PGA Italiana


Real Federación Española de Golf 

PGA Canarias