Lession of Pro n.23

Some ideas that can help you get a full and powerful upload with the driver:

  • Firstly keep the bend created on the right knee pad and rotate on it. At the apex the weight of the body should
    be rested mainly on the right leg but should not let it move to the outside of the right foot.
  • The hips rotate approximately 45 degrees, shoulders up to 90 degrees.
  • The left arm is tense but not rigid at the apex of the swing.
  • The apex shaft is parallel to the target line.

The longest stick in the bag is also the difficult , so it requires all your attention.

To pull the driver well you have to learn not only to address it properly, but also to understand the ascending movement with which the ball should be hit to generate the maximum result in both flying and rolling distance.

Here’s what you need to do: First of all, create a solid base for the shot.

Widen your feet as much as your shoulders, play the ball in front of your left heel, and slightly open the tip of the feet (plus the left of the right).

Now slightly raise the left part of the body and allow the right to drop slightly, so that most body weight is on the right side.

With his hands directly above the ball, the left arm and the shaft must appear as if on a single straight line.

Keep a light grip, there must be no tension in any part of your body.

When you’re ready to start, it’s important to start swinging with a slow move away from the ball, give yourself enough time to run a full and complete backswing.

Remember, all the work done during the preparation of the body can be quickly ruined by a torn or too fast backswing.

The result of this preparation is that at the back of the backswing the upper body muscles should be fully loaded due to the strength offered by the lower body.

Concentrate on your right knee:
to maintain the bend created at the address and rotate on it.

Hit !!!!!