Episode 18

Time passed quietly work, friends and home, was a serene and positive period for him, he was happy, the only failing was his family and friends Argentines.

Nell ‘summer 1989 came to him an invitation to play “The Lancia Open” to  Golf Club Ugolino , field located in the Tuscany region, near Florence.

The surprise thrilled him so much, it was the first time you could play a round of the European circuit.

He began in the free time to train in the field for the future competition.

Not certainly felt up to it, but to take part in an event so important, so much extolled, his adrenaline level was through the roof.

The race began with a Pro-am, as you know, the team is formed by a Professional and three amateurs.

Two amateur has a great memory for the Lady  Marina Lanza President of  Eucalyptus Golf Club , and Mr. Paul founders of this lovely field to Aprilia locations in the South of Rome, today the circle is called  Oasi Golf Club .

The Pro-am was not a great result, let alone the ‘Open (could not pass the cut), but it was still very good for Martin, it was invited by Mrs. Marina Lanza, a few weeks later to spend a few days at Aprilia in their new camp, the way she liked it very much, and his seriousness, so much that propose to work as a teacher from them.

But the problem was that Martin was a Professional player and had not qualified as a teacher, he should do the golf school in Rome, but to do it, had to have Italian citizenship, something he had not.

But he could return to Argentina for a year and there attend school taught golf in Buenos Aires, after which he returned to Italy he could ask for clearance to  Federazione Italiana Golf, this meant abandoning all his work created here, and even leave his girlfriend, he thought about not even !!!.

On the return journey to Ravenna, in the car, talking about this great opportunity, with his girlfriend Maria Elisabetta, who had accompanied him in this adventure, which were evaluated cohabiting for two years, and their relationship was booming, they decided to the plunge, getting married !!!.

His work went on as caddy master at golf Cervia, but thanks to the participation of this tournament, the relationship with shareholders, changed greatly, was most appreciated and many of them began to ask to play in the field with him, but aware that this it was not fair to holders of masters present in the circle, he rejected each time.

(Martin has a great value, respects his colleagues even those who do not deserve it !!)

In October ’89 he received the communication to be able to attend the first course of assistant class “D” even though he did not have Italian citizenship, all thanks to Mr.  Ennio Tonini, councilor of ‘Emilia Romagna Golf, who had taken to heart.

Finished the course in March 1990, began to carry out the work of the master server, the Pro Roberto in Paris’  Adriatic Golf Club  Cervia .

The marriage was celebrated April 28, 1990 in the municipality of Ravenna, it was a very simple ceremony, but exciting, the only sadness was the lack of his family in such an important moment in his life., But the couple had an interesting future ahead , golf at that time was expanding a lot, but mostly because he learned that he would become a father next January !!

With the marriage could begin the practice in order to have the Italian citizenship and legally continue the National Golf School at Rome  Centro Tecnico Federale Giuseppe Silva  to  Nepi ……