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Martin Gourdy Allende

Born in Buenos Aires on Jan. 25, 1962 began its first steps in 1970 at the glorious circle Cordoba Golf Club in Villa Allende (Argentina) where they were born the likes of Eduardo Romeo and Ángel Cabrera.

He turned professional in 1984 in Argentina as a player.

He arrives in Italy in 1986 to coincide the opening of new golf clubs Romagnoli and participates in their organization.

He attended the National School of Golf in Rome in 1990 to become professional master teacher and member of PGAI.

He participated in numerous courses and conferences in Italy and Europe.

The teaching method used is the classic, customized by a golfing experience gained in the field for over 40 years, the ‘teaching characterized by their passion for the sport, which is able to convey to each student, makes the boy, the athlete, Mrs., or player of more advanced age will find in him a playmate and teacher careful to customize the right technique to get the swing to execute them more appropriate.

The search for perfection of technical gesture remains the priority of his teaching without losing sight of the playful and the desire of ‘student access to the route before losing passion and enthusiasm.