Lessons of Prof. 4

How to Play an irregular LIE

Lie is a point of land where lies the ball
Lie uphill
The stroke on the rising ground causes a ball higher than usual but not as long as the ground floor.
Remember to play at least, one or two sticks in most, depending on the degree of slope of the ground.
To ensure that the ball has a lower trajectory, place it a few centimeters further back in the stance, if the slope is accentuated.
If the slope is gentle, the ball must be played in its normal position.
To maintain a good balance concentrated weight on the foot in the valley.
Do not force the shot in an attempt to compensate for this unfamiliar position but let him swing the stick and act freely.
Aim slightly to the right and open your stance slightly uphill shot because the ball tends to give an effect of Hook or Pull.Palla in salita
Lie down
This position downhill imparts to the ball opposite effect compared to the previous Lie producing a lower trajectory and from left to right with consequent greater distance and rolling.
Offset this effect by using one or two sticks less than usual and played the ball more advanced in stance.
The stick and the body must assume an angle of 90 ° with respect to the slope, equally to the shoulder line that must be parallel to the ground (the right shoulder higher than the left), without losing the feeling of balance balance.
The weight should be concentrated on the foot in the valley and the swing should not be rushed.
It is recommended to reduce the rotation of the body to get a shot safe and controlled.
Aim slightly to the left and close your stance slightly.Palla in discesa
Lie Side
1) Ball of the highest standing.
A ball placed above the feet produces a complex change of the swing; In fact, this position leads to hoe the ground or, once ran a solid impact with the ball, to cause a pull or a hook.
The preparation and execution of this shot must counteract this trend.
You were slightly more erect than usual to compensate for the effect of the departure.
Approach a little towards the slope during the swing because it tends to move to ‘back.
Grab the stick a couple of centimeters lower because in this position your body is logically closer to the ball.
Slightly open the clubface and targeted to the right of the target to compensate for the effect given by the path of a ball placed above the feet.
As regards the distance, no changes are required whatsoever as this ball will cover the same distance of a ball in the floor.
Remember that you do not need to attack the ball, take a swing by following a regular rhythm to maintain a proper balance and to guarantee solidity to the ball.Palla più alta dei piedi
Lie Side
2) lower ball of the foot.
It is probably the most difficult situation: from this position you tend to lean too much on the ball with the result of making shots too weak or toppati.
If you want to do this shot with confidence and precision, take note of the following tips.
Grab the stick from its end, marking the corners of the body bend down more sharply than usual.
You could also choose a longer stick and make a less powerful swing to get the desired distance.
The shot from this position directs the ball right: it should therefore aim for a few meters to the left of the target.
The detachment of the club must be outside to avoid taking the ground before impact, the swing must be slow; Timing and the softness of this shot have the upper hand on the muscles and speed especially on the harder shots.
A final consideration: on the practice exercised these shots and not limit yourself to only play in flat terrain.
If you practice these shots “BEFORE” to address them in the field, there will unquestionably benefited.Palla più Bassa dei Piedi