How to Play the Compressed Ball in the Sand

Lesson of Pro n.21

Most of the bunker exits are played so that the sand-wed back hits the sand first, thus bouncing the stick: the ball then goes out with the sand.
But when the ball is squeezed, as in this case, you have to find a way to “dig” using the face of the stick (if the lie is particularly ugly, you can also use the pitching wedge: having the most closed face and the base more Thin, the wedge will “bounce” less and dig into the sand more easily than the sand-wedge)
Under normal circumstances you would open the face of the stick and place your hands, instead you have to hold the stick normally and then slightly close the tip (Photo 1).
At this point you only think about bringing the stick quickly by breaking the wrists (Photo 2 and 3) and then sunk the stick head in the sand (Picture 4).
Try to feel that you have a right hand, and leave the stick: follow-through has little importance (Photo 5).
The weight of the stick head will move the ball, but be careful, because it rolls a lot.