Play the ball on the right, for a high impact approach.

Lesson Pro n. 18

This is one of my favorite shots around the green, and is useful when the flag is short, close to avant-green, and there are several meters in the fairway or a buncker to overcome.
If played correctly, the ball will seem to fly in the air in slow motion, and usually stops immediately.
There are some precautions to be observed, because this coup succeeds:
– First, it is a blow to effect, so be sure that the staff there is no trace of dirt; Also remember you have to have a good lie of the ball.
– Second, the stance will be open as well as the clubface, you’ll play the ball on the right heel. (Photo 1) 
– Third, hold the light stick, in order to make a short backswing but soft, with a slight bending of the wrists. (Photo 2)
The purpose of the strike is to slide the blade clean under the ball sending her flying high, which will not succeed if they are challenged the stick too tight.
– Finally, do a slow and smooth swing. With a quick swing you will have a good chance of toppare the ball or make a flappa.
Try to hit the ball clean with a downswing rather vertical (Photo 3), make sure that your hands carry the clubface throughout the shot up to a controlled finish a half (Photo 4).