Rotation of the torso

Lesson of Pro n.16

The twisting of the body must get to 90 °

In the movement of course, what we think it does not usually coincide with what we actually do here is because the analysis with video is a very useful tool to correct itself.
For example, take the problem “rotation.”
Many think of turning his back on 90th canons when in fact there’s yes or no to 60 ° / 70 °.
And when the rotation of the shoulders is not correct, inevitably it complete the backswing raising his arms, breaking the natural arc of the swing and finding himself with a very weak backswing (photos 1 and 2).

Here’s how you can avoid falling into the trap: when you have settled down at address, the word that you have to keep in mind is “twist.”
Rotate the trunk feeling that the hips and knees create resistance; rotate so that your back points to the target maintaining the natural course of your arms (photo 3 and 4).
The result will be a much smaller impact on top of your backswing: hands and arms are in position to attack the ball with power and precision.