Tailored sticks or standard sticks?

Dear golfers, today I want to talk to you about the importance of the Clubfitter figure.

This is the profession of the person in charge of adapting the golf clubs to your game.

As you well know the big brands that exist on the market, they normally market standard sticks, which for most players may also be good, but sometimes due to their height or speed in the stick head, some players may not be Enough to perform a repetitive swing.

In this case, I think the work of Clubfitter is essential.

My experience taught me that 70% of the players, around, have in their pocket sticks not suitable for their swing.

For example, children with sticks too long or too heavy, adult people with sticks too rigid or with materials not suitable for them.

Today, technology has made great strides, I remember the 70’s when a so-called hitters 220 mt away with a drive, but thanks to the new technology and the change of the ball, the blows now reach almost 300 mt.

All the great professional players rely on the “Clubfitter”, thus achieving maximum comfort in their shot.

The shafts are of different types: carbon, steel and in some cases titanium, but at the same time each type has different flexibility, torque and weight, so these multiple factors can be fundamental to have a good result in your strokes.

No less important is grip, the latter remember that it is the only physical contact you have with the stick; If it is too consumed or not of the exact size, the pressure on the stick will be different.

To the south of Tenerife you can find three large Fitting centers:

Golf del Sur; Followed by Mr Francisco Millan Navarro with the collaboration of Mr Borja Ocaña.
Golf Costa Adeje; Followed by Daniel Lasseter
Amarilla Golf Club; At The Players Shop