The exit from bunker the long to run

Lesson of Pro n.20

Often, the best choice to do when you have a very green one is to roll the ball away from the hole that separates it from the pit: avoid doing so by having to figure out how much it should fly and how it will work when you land.
Restrain your stance a little and address it so that the buttons of your shirt are slightly in front of the ball, and the body weight moves to the left.
The face of the stick will be square to the address; Aim to hit about a few inches before the ball.
Go inside (Photos 1 and 2) and then try to feel the right forearm rolling over the left to the impact, so that the face of the stick closes in the sand (Photos 3,4 and 5).
This action causes the ball to roll more than normal after landing in green.
To expel this shot correctly, the grip must be soft, the weight of the stick head must be swinging, and follow-through must be short (Photo 5).
The distance to the ball will depend solely on the strength and strength of the swing.
Also try iron 9 and the pitching-wedge, to know more variations.