The output from the Bunker from 30-50 meters

Lesson of Pro n. 19

The output from the bunker from 30-50 meters: perhaps the shot more difficult course !!!
In future lessons, I try to explain the best technique for dealing with this “tough cookie”; I will explain also how to play a shot out of the sand to run along, if you have a lot of green in front, and give you some advice on how to swing when the ball is sunk in the sand.

The output from the bunker 40 meters

Being able to judge the distance you can cover with the release of the bunker, any exit, is a skill that you buy only with practice.
From 30, 40 or 50 meters you just have to trust the method used, and follow the shot with ease.
The Pro ‘spend countless hours in perfecting the sensitivity of these shots; that’s why, when they play them, it looks so easy.
For outputs from the longest bunker there is a first amendment to do, subtle but fundamental and concerns the alignment of the body at address.
Normally, I apply a system that adapts to three situations:
– opening of the stance of approximately 45 ° with respect to the target line for short outputs, with little green;
– opening of approximately 30 ° for intermediate length outputs;
– reduction of the angle just 15° degrees for this type of outputs, the longest (Photo 1).
The clubface should also be a little ‘more square than usual, and the ball longer in the center of the feet.
During the swing, you have to focus your attention on accelerating the stick, which will be progressive from backswing to finish.
Take a full swing (Photo 2 and 3), aggressively aiming to hit a couple of centimeters before the ball (Photo 4).
A must avoid slowing down the speed of the stick impact and, therefore decided affected and continue the rotation of the body until the completion of the swing (Photo 5 and 6).
The only swing power will be enough to shake the ball and drop it in green.
Another tip: do not be afraid to try the pitching-wedge or 9-iron if the distance will create problems.


For ease of understanding, some videos, good vision.